The Vision of the Final Renovation

The Body of Messiah is entering into its final renovation. As our plane touched down in London coming from Israel we felt led to pray for U.K and the nations. As the plane rolled to our gate, the Holy Spirit gave a vision of an anisoptera (dragonfly), something we were unfamiliar with and even thought had a bad connotation at first, but after asking the Holy Spirit and doing some research, we realized it was a huge statement of transformation and the last stages of the Bride of Yeshua coming into her full destiny. Unlike the butterfly that goes through only one metamorphosis in its lifetime, the dragonfly goes through transformation after transformation, each process bringing it closer to its final destination in Adonai.  

Not every process has been pretty, but resilient and perseverant to the end has the faithful remnant remained.   So many transitions, so many old wineskins making way for the new, generation after generation, from dispensation to dispensation, until this final transformation.

Dragonflies are harmless to humans but specialize at hunting mosquitos, flies, and moths, clearing the atmosphere of the death and disease bringers.  Such is the Bride of Yeshua being adorned and equipped in these end times that specialize in eradicating death and disease through the blood of Yeshua as sons and daughters of the Most High.  Their war cry is O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?  “Lazarus, come out!” (John 11:43) and Talitha Kumi “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” (Mark 5:41). 

In the Spirit, we are like dragonflies that goes through more than a dozen different processes of molting before finally leaving the water that has been its home for what will amount to more than 3/4 of its life.  Finally, after 2 years or more of intense training and maturing, the once mere nymph, always hidden beneath the water’s surface emerges at last and takes to the sky newly equipped with flashing wings and able to fly. 

The remnant is getting their wings and they are clothed and equipped with the armaments of heaven.  They are sword bearers, destroyers of strongholds, and most hated by the legions of hell, their marching orders come from On High, and they have already died.   

But make no mistake, the transformation is a decision, if you do not exit the water, leave the old season behind and enter the new, you will be left behind to continue in the comfortable, the system of tradition and theology that speaks of signs, wonders, and miracles, but has them not.  Like being baptized in water, but not of the Spirit, why would you want to start but not finish, see your brothers and sisters fly while you get left behind?  

A line is being drawn, a terrible demarcation that is separating the Body of Messiah.  This line separates those who believe in and operate in the 9 gifts of the Spirit, and those who believe that was for yesterday and not today.  Do not worry, however, because those who are seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit, those who are pursuing love (1 Corinthians 13) [with eagerness, making it your goal], and are earnestly desiring and cultivating the spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 14:1), The Holy Spirit will lead you to the right place and the right people who are doing likewise.  

Walls of churches are beginning to separate those who wish for a return to normal, and those who are pressing into the new normal of the Kingdom that is breaking forth.  Our prayer is that those who yearn for a return to normality would be swayed by the great bearing of fruit of those who would dare to step out in boldness and power for the glory of God, not pandering to a broken system, but seeking first the Kingdom and bringing in the great harvest that is upon us as we pave the way for the return of King Yeshua.

As the Beloved of Yeshua buys gold purified in fire from Adonai, as they dawn their white robes of righteousness and buy healing salve for their eyes (Revelation 3:18), a newly transformed body is emerging from hiding, awakening from a hypnotic slumber.  

The hidden global remnant is arising, the nameless faceless ones whose treasures lie in heaven, not bound by the covetousness of earthly wealth.  They are the ones seeing through the feeble deceptions of the fallen kingdom of lies because their eyes follow those of El Shaddai seeing His blueprint and the enemy’s demise.   


Arise, shine, shake off the dust of your shields and sharpen your blades, the Lion of Judah is coming to lead an army fit for the end of days.  

Yes, that is you, men and women of the Most high God, and with you, we will join in the fray to pave the way for the return of the King of Glory and make the devil pay along the way.  

Today is a new day, and the days of hiding are dead and gone away.  Today we break the surface, spread our wings, and start living in purposeGod bless you!  To YHWH be all the glory, honor, and praise!